Friday, December 30, 2011

More playing with Stampin' up

Hello, happy Friday to you - I hope you are having as good a day as I am. I have got so much done - it's great. I started the day by rearranging and cleaning the boys rooms, which badly needed doing and now I have just had a little play in the craft room with my new stampin' up stuff. Mind you I got so much stuff that I still haven't touched a heap of it so I'd better get to it or hubby will complain that I buy all this stuff but never use it (blah blah blah) hehehe. Anyway here is what I made today .

Nice and simple, but I am happy with the effects. Now I am starting to get a little excited today as my lovely niece and her hubby and two gorgeous littlies arrive tomorrow for a visit and I can't wait whooo hooooo so if you don't see me for awhile you will know why - I will be playing hostess with the mostess hehehe although Nita is a little into craft as well, so maybe we will get to play together hehe ok see you soon x joy

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I found Mr Mojo

Aahhhh thank goodness - I found him - I was starting to get worried hehe. But once you sit and start playing it all seems to come back to you. So this is what I came up with today's play (so far anyway). I finally got to have a play with my Stampin' up stuff that I ordered way back in November.

And this is a shot of my little helper . . . . . . isn't she sooo cute! Hubby was out the back doing some wood working and my little kittie (Sabrina) hates any loud noises so she usually comes and finds me and sits with me until the loud noise goes away. She even ended up distressing some card for me when it started moving and she pounced on it an promptly started chewing it hehe

She is really hard to photograph with her colouring, either she or the back ground usually end up blurred so I will have to practice a bit more. Anyway thanks for stopping by, have a great day x joy 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's over for another year

Hello, well thats it - Christmas is done and dusted for another year although the decorations stay up in the Smith household until the 6th of Jan for the 12 days of Christmas so I get to enjoy my twinkling lights for awhile longer. We had a great Christmas, very relaxing but oooohhhhh soooo lovely, the boys ended up ditching us in the afternoon to have some fun with their bestest buddies so we snuck in a little "after lunch stuffed to the top nap". Then we have spent the last few days relaxing and having a big wind down, hubby worked until Monday night so now he to is in relaxing mode as well. Thankfully as a paramedic he didn't get tooo busy over Christmas.

Anyway I managed to have a little play yesterday with one of my newer Penny Black Stamps and one of my older ones. I teamed Heart Patched up with Eyelet heart for this weeks challenge over at Penny Black Saturday Challenge . I had a little trouble actually - I think my mojo left me over Christmas hehe so I  intend to rectify the problem by heading back into the craft room today and not coming out until mojo is back - thats dedication for you isn't it!!!

I teamed the stamps with some Bo Bunny paper, my lovely Cherry Lynn die, a stampin up sentiment and some bazzill and ribbon from my stash.

And finally for today - I promised you a photo of my Gingerbread Tree - so here it is. So glad I took a photo cause it didn't stay looking like this for very long hehe yum yum yum

Ok well I will see you later to show you what I come up with today (that is positive talk for me so that I actually make something in the craft room and not just sit there and move things around or end up on the internet stalking my favourite blogs) hehehe I just have to go find that mojo so off I go - calling as I go "Mojo, here Mojo, where are you MOJO "

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hello  - whoooo hoooo - it's Christmas Eve yippppeeeee I love Christmas!!!!!! All the preparations have been done, the fruit mince tarts, fudge, rum balls, apricot balls, spiced shortbread, gingerbread, sausage rolls have been made so now I just have to ice the gingerbread tree (hopefully I will remember to photo graph it and I will show you) and bake the ham, oooohhhh yum yum - did I tell you that I love Christmas. hehehe anyway just a little post to say firstly that I am sorry I haven't posted any cards lately but I have been in "Christmas get ready" mode and only Christmas stuff gets done but I have got a few things to have a go at, like Tim Holtz's rosette trees and a great star card, so I will have a play in the days after Christmas. Ok and secondly to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas - make sure you have a great day, chill out, relax and enjoy cause I will be hehehe ok stay safe x joy

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What I love about Christmas

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH I got the last of my official duties over with last night - we had our twilight markets last night which was a huge success. But now I can relax and start to enjoy Christmas (although I do still have to write out my Christmas cards and send away some parcels on Monday - with fingers crossed that they arrive on time). So to get me in the mood I am going to remind myself of all the things I love about Christmas - hehehe you may need to get comfy cause this little duck loves Christmas.

I love Christmas trees and lights, lots of flashing lights, I love driving around looking at Christmas lights, snowflakes - I love snowflakes and snowmen (not that we would ever get real ones here - but I have lots of cute ones) baubles lots of baubles and beautiful special ornaments. Ohhhh and then there is Christmas food - I just love christmas food hmmmmmm baked ham, turkey, brussell sprouts (yes you read right - i love them mmm cooked in honey) baked potatoes, my Mums stuffing balls, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, fruit mince tarts, rum balls, apricot balls, homemade fudge and truffles, homemade sausage rolls, pfefferneuse - oh yum, gingerbread houses - ohhhh my goodness my tastebuds are drooling!!!!!! I had better get my cooking shopping list done today. I love to relax with family and friends - non of this rush rush rush stuff over Christmas for me anymore.  The smiles on my kids faces on Christmas morning but also the excitement on Christmas eve when they go to bed (and get up again about 50 times cause they are too excited to sleep) The last minute wrapping - I even enjoy that, then waiting for Santa to be able to do his duties - sneaking, sneaking, sneaking hehehe sooo much fun. Christmas day breakfast pancakes and fried ham followed by crazy unwrapping of presents then sorting all the ripped wrapping paper from in between presents and then sitting back looking at all the lovely presents. OOOhhh I can go on, can't I - and I could go on cause I love it all hehehe Ok well now I am well and truly in the mood to enjoy the holiday season - bring it on Santa - I am ready,  waiting and giggling away - ohhhh and singing - I love Christmas carols and...... and.......... and...........

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Half way there

Well we made it to Brisbane in 12 hours and 10mins including what felt like 1000 toilet breaks hehehe ( one of the draw backs of having lots of cans of diet coke on the way). We stay tonight and then leave bright and early in the morning to drive back home again - ohhhhhh what fun - sometimes I wonder why we live in the middle of nowhere however when I am in Brisbane and I am reminded why I love living in the outback - I HATE  the traffic here. Anyway if nothing else this trip has helped me get in the mood for Christmas as I have listened (and sung - very loudly) all of my Christmas CD's much to Frankie and Benji'd disgust - they just don't appreciate my lovely singing voice. Talk when I am back in Blackall x joy

Monday, December 12, 2011

Here I am

Sorry I have been gone so long but this little chookie has been busy, busy, busy but here I am finally with this years Christmas cards - a tad late I must say!!!! I usually have them made and posted by the 1st of December and here it is the 12th of December blah! I don't like running late.

I make 50 of the same card each year - why you may ask - because in prevous years I have gone around making all different cards and posted them out and then by mistake sent a card the next year with the same image on it to the same person. So about 5 or 6 years ago I decided that I would buy a special new stamp each year just for this years cards then that stamp gets used for my market stall cards so I never end up sending double up images to anyone. The stamp that I buy is usally one that has caught my eye as being extra special in some way - as I do buy lots of new stamps each year.

This years stamp is  a Stamp Fairy Design by Mariaane Designs and I just love him hehehe - he is so cute. The papers are Bella. I have not done a silver and white card before so decided to do one for something different, My other Christmas cards over the years have been either bright or very traditional - I must post them sometime.
The production line in full swing!

All finished and ready to be written in.

I have used a marianne creatable  star die for my feature and it looks stunning cut from metalic card.

A close up of the bow and how I have hung the die. The bow is a double bow tied with the smaller ribbon sitting on top of the wider ribbon (this is quite easy to do when you only want one but I was over it by the time I did 50 of them) I have attached a little metal star to the front of the die and attached them with a wine glass charm holder so that the recipient can remove it from the card if they wish and pop it on the Christmas Tree.

 What a cutie pie!
The inside view. Yes there are 5 stars inside each card so that is 250 stars all up -  not that I was counting hehe

And finally the inside verse - I wanted something non traditional this year and I am happy with the end results although I must admit after 50 I am over them hehehe

Ok well I am off to Brissy again tomorrow to go and pick up Ashley who has been staying with his Uncle Michael and Auntie Elka for the week so I should get back on Friday in time for our Friday night twilight markets.
x joy

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree lalala

Don't you just love Christmas - I sure do - it is the best time of the year. I have got my Christmas tree up and the inside of the house decorated (yes I am one of those crazy people who decorate the house inside and out) the outside is yet to be done as we have had soooo much rain (which we needed badly) so that will happen later. So I just thought I would pop up a photo of my Christmas Tree. I am a traditional Christmas girl and all of my tree decorations have sentimental meanings to me - I try and buy one decoration every time I go away or one every year. This year I had a heart shaped bauble made of my lovely pussy cat Sampson who died last year.

Oh no - you can't see the beautiful flashing lights - but they are there - trust me
I usually like to be organised at Christmas but not this year - I am so far behind it isn't funny so I had better not sit here too long as I have lots to do, lists to make, cards to finish, carols to be singing hehe yep thats me lalala x joy

Back home again

Hello - I'm home and my poor little feet haven't stopped running. I am gunna need a holiday to recover.

All went well at the Dr's none of the Big "C" stuff that my dr was worried about however I do need another round of surgery so that makes 3 or 4 planned for next year ohhh what fun - NOT!

Anyway as you guessed I shopped my little heart out and have made a huge dent in my Christmas Shopping which is just great - however I didn't get too many of my Chrissy cards made so that is on the list for the next couple of days.

While I was away I got the boys to make their Christmas Cards for their teachers (usually I do it - but just didn't get enough time) so I thought I would share them with you. It is so cute that they took photos of them so that I could see them.
This one is by Benji who is 9 (can you tell he loves stickers hehe)

And this one is by Ashley who is 13 - he thought he was hilarious by putting the letter back to front.
I think they did a great job and their teachers loved them.

Ok well I am off to put up the Christmas tree - I am late this year - I always put our tree up on the 1st of December and usually have all my house lights up in the 2nd weekend of November - but not this year - I am way behind. So off I go to get stuck into it all. talk soon x joy

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Am I all shopped out?

OOOOOhhhhhhh my goodness - what a day - I am exhausted! I started my day at 5am with the sun blaring into my hotel room after a sleepless, not in your own bed night, so up I got and got ready to hit the shops. And hit the shops I did. I shopped, shopped and shopped hehehe what a wonderful day - I managed to get some Christmas shopping done as well as a little me shopping sssshhhh don't tell Frankie, hehehe actually he knows because I discovered yesterday that my lovely favourite handbag had been giving way under all the strain of carrying not only all my junk but all my boys junk as well - I'm sure you know what I mean - the Mum could you carry this stuff. So this time I have brought a smaller bag that will only fit my stuff in - So boys if you are reading this hehe get your own bag!!!!

Then I got back to my hotel after 8hrs of shopping with my feet hurting and desperate for a diet coke and the lady at the desk said that they had been looking for me as I was supposed to check out at 10am today. OOOhhhh no! I did book for tonight as well but the lady forgot to book me in luckily I was not tossed out on the street but they could fit me in again tonight - phew.

So tomorrow I am off to my Doctors apps hmmmm not looking forward to that but then I hop on the train (after I lug my suitcase on a bus (not fun) and get to the train station)  and go and stay with my lovely niece and her gorgeous family until Saturday when Frankie will come and get me ( i hope) . I have more shopping planned on Thurs and Friday so maybe by then I will be all shopped out - however I doubt that - it's along time between shopping trips usually so I get my fix when I am in the big smoke. Ok  I will go and try and sleep now so I am all ready for another big day x joy

Monday, November 28, 2011

Away again

Hello, it's Monday evening and I am once again away from home. It's one of the bad things about living in Central Queensland that you have to travel for anything other than the normal Doctors visits - so here I am sitting in my motel room all alone. The only difference this time is that I have had to leave my family all at home. The big boy had to work today and my other boys didn't want to miss the last week of school (wish they talked about school like that when they were actually learning something and not just when they are in wind down mode for the end of the year). Any way I have just had a phone call from my Benji crying his eyes out - missing me - oh boy I had to hold back tears. It is the first time in along time that I have left them but I am trying to think that it will do us all some good being apart.
Tomorrow I am off to the Queens Street Mall for some serious shopping - ohhhhh can't wait. I have a list so will be running around checking things off as I go, with maybe a stop at Lincraft for a brief moment. One thing I can't wait to do is go check out the Christmas displays at David Jones and Myers. The boys never want to go look at all the lovely decorations but I will be ooohhhhhing and aaaahhhhing lots.
I was going to take a photo of my motel room - as I have set up the table with my Christmas card production line - however I didn't bring the camera -hmmmmm- I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on. Anyway crafting in front of a view of the Brisbane skyline is lovely!!!!!!!! Have a happy day x joy    

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Penny Black Saturday Challenge take 2

 For those of you that read my last post, you will know that I had one of those moments that I often have and made the wrong colour card for this weeks Penny Black Saturday Challenge - so here I am with the right colour this time around. hehehe this one didn't take very long as I just followed the other one just changing the colour.

And then the other one got to me (see last post re not liking the holly leaves) so I changed it and I am now much happier with the whole thing.

But now I have this mess left on my desk - blahhhhhh - where has that cleaning fairy gone? ( I wish)
I still have more projects to make for this weekends papercrafting monster marathon, so I need to clean before I go any further - anyone wanna come and help?
anyway off I go - hi ho, hi ho, it's off to clean my craft desk I go

x joy

Hahaha - I do wonder about me sometimes hehehe

This next post was going to be my entry into this weeks Penny Black Saturday Challenge - but I just went over and had a quick look before I uploaded it and realised I had the wrond colour LOL I thought it was Red and Trees so away I went and made a card that had red and trees in it and the challenge is actually Green and trees hehehehe lucky I know what I'm like and just laugh at myself hehehe  - well here is my card that I made red and trees and I guess I will have to go back and have a crack at a green and trees one. So I may see you later with that one x joy
 oh well when I look at it I am not that happy with the holly leaves in the corner anyway hehe

Holiday Snaps

Oh what a wonderful holiday we had - everything about it was wonderful - we all had the best time. Here a few little piccies to give you an idea of what we got up to.

Exploring the area - the boys skipping stones.

Long walks on the beach.

 Benji go karting.

 Ashley the speed demon.
(he took me for a spin and I squealed and giggled the whole way around hehe)
 In side the Capricorn Caves (Ashley was shy)

 One of the very wobbly bridges in the caves - it made me dizzy (well dizzier than I already am)
 Hubby and I having a quiet moment - we both hate photos so I made us hehe
The boys on one of our long beach walks

I am Back

 Hello and happy Wednesday to you, and what a beautiful Wednesday it is - we have finally had some rain and it has cooled things down a tad. Perfect day for spending in the craft room :).
First of all I am going to upload those dancing cards that I made before I went away like I promised.

I am happy with how they turned out although I am lucky that they were all for girls as they turned out very girlie. Ok well I will be back with a couple of holiday snaps and this weeks Penny Black Saturday Challenge so see you soon x joy

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ahhhh lovin' our little holiday

Just a little bloggy update to let you know that I haven't drowned or been washed out to sea yet anyway (still 3 days to go) hehe. Having a wonderful time here in Yeppoon. We have rented a lovely little cottage that over looks great gardens and an even lovelier pool with only a 2 minute walk to the beach. We have spent so much time in the pool that someone (not pointing any fingers but she has red hair and super lily white skin) has got a lovely case of sun burn - I know I know -  I should know better but we have had sooo much fun playing that I forgot to keep the sunscreen up.

Today we went for a drive up to the Capricorn Caves - which was just so great - I would highly recommend it. At the end of the tour they give you an option of doing a little zigzag tour but warned it was not for people who are caustrophobic. Well my two little (but getting bigger everyday) boys jumped at the chance and lined up to be first and as hubby is still not 100% with his knee I figured I'd better go with them. Hmmmmmmm this is me who is caustrophobic - well I got brave for the boys sake and lined up as well. So in we went and I was fine for the first little bit but then my 9 year old (as in way shorter than me and about 30kg lighter than me) had to get down on his knee's to get through one bit and I had a moment of panic hehehe and what do I do when I am in a panic or nervous- yep you guessed it - I got the giggles hehehehe and then couldn't stop. Anyway long story cut short I giggled my way through the whole thing and then felt way proud of myself at the other end. Hubby ended up going through as well and as he is 6ft 2 and 90kg I really had no problem at all with me being 4ft nothing and a whole lot lighter - it was just something that was out of my comfort zone.

Anyway we are still here for 3 more days and still lots more adventures to go - remind me to tell you about our Macca's story - it is soooo funny hehehe.

 I would upload some of our great holiday snaps but guess who forgot to bring the cord to connect the camera to the pc - ahhhh that would be me - the same one who forgot to put more sunscreen on. Ok well I hope your day is as good as mine talk soon x joy

ps I even got to go to a Spotlight store today and they had 30% off everything sale whoooo hoooo hehehe just let me say I didn't walk out of the store with empty hands

Thursday, November 10, 2011

We're running away

I am so sorry that I have not been here - but things have been soooo hectic. Gallery Day was a huge success with fabulous sales and better numbers than previous years which is great. I sold a heap of my goodies. I also had so much fun which made all of the hard work all worth while. Then with Gallery day over I had to sit my entrance exams on Monday and Tuesday for me to do my bridging course at Uni. Boy did that push my comfort zone boundries - I have not sat an exam of anysort for a long time, but I think I did ok although I have thought of some stuff that I could of done better at - but anyway I only had a certain amount of time to work with.
Then I have spent the last two days getting some jobs done than had to be done before we all run away on our little family vacation. Although I did manage to sneak in a little nap this afternoon which was blissful (shhhh don't tell anyone - I'm supposed to be packing hehehe). Ok well I will leave you with a quick photo of one of the cards that I made for my friend Helen who needs to thank some wonderful people for all of their hard work with our local dancing group. I am really happy with how they all came out. Although I haven't had a chance to edit the photos yet which is why I'll just share one for now.
The digi stamp and back ground papers that I have used are from The Paper Shelter. The stamp is called Enchanted Dancing, she is soooo cute.
Ok well I will see you when I return all relaxed and rejuvenated next week. x joy
ps I promise to have a glass of wine for you while I am relaxing by the pool - just hope I don't drown hehehe

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gallery Day Pics

Hiya, Just thought I would put up a few of the Gallery Day photos for you to see. For those of you that don't live here - Gallery Day is our local Cultural Association's big fundraiser for the year where we all sell our wares for Christmas. It is on this Friday night and Saturday - so we haven't finished setting up yet and we still have more stock to arrive but this gives you the idea.

Everything is handmade and there are some really beautiful things arriving. We have so much fun setting it up, lots of giggling and carry on. By this time on Friday the room will be full of all sorts of goodies to buy for Christmas. Then we open the doors at 5.30pm for the sales to begin. Friday night is a lovely night to come as you can enjoy a glass of wine and finger food. I may not be back this week with a post as I am sure I will be a little busy but I will be coming around to check up on everyone else's blogs - how could i miss my blog stalking.
 Just booked a little 5 day get away for next week to Yeppoon which I am soooo looking forward to, Hubby is working all of Christmas (that's the fun of being married to a Paramedic) so we won't be able to get away then and with all our Dr's appt this year it will be nice to get away without having to run around Dr's. Just sitting and relaxing by the pool and maybe a wine or two ahhhhh 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scrapbook Boutique Blog Challenge

I have been wanting to enter challenge's over at The Scrapbook Boutiques Blog for ages now and finally I have whipped up this card using this months inspiration photo. I would of loved to have spent some more time on it but with all my Gallery Day duties I didn't have very long but I am happy with how it has turned out.

 Ok well I had better go get back to my mile high list of duties or I will be up all night - see you tomorrow night with another lot of my goodies for Gallery Day x joy
p.s yes i did decorate the inside but my photo didn't turn out very well and I don't have time to redo it

Finally some Fabric Flowers

Here we are finally with some fabric flowers - I know I have been promising them for awhile but I wanted to wait until I had them finished before I blogged about them. These are the little guys that I have made into lovely little hair clips for girls that will be for sale at our Gallery Day next week. Less than one week to go and the big set up starts tomorrow morning at 8.30am. I am still nowhere near finished with all my goodies that I will have for sale but this lot means another lot down on the check list. Anyway no point moaning I just had better pull my big knickers up and get on with it (as the lovely Kath from Kath's Blog...Diary of an everyday crafter would say).

And of course I think you know me by now and know that I couldn't just make one or two - no Siree - I made 40 (which really means 80 - cause there are two in each pack) of the little buggars well actually I made way more than 40 - but my Mum has taken afew for my lovely great nieces. Ok well I'd better got this up and get back to the list again. x joy

Friday, October 28, 2011

A new twist on an old favourite

Hello and welcome to Friday - it's a hot one here today again, so nothing much else to do but sit in the craft room and craft in front of the fan (haha i wish - don't look at the ironing pile or the washing pile or the badly needing a vacume carpet). Well actually I am having to sit in the craft room as our Gallery Day is only one week away now so it is all systems go. We are starting the big set up on Sunday morning so ideally I would like everything that I am doing to be finished. So here is another of my little bits - I have made Reindeer Food for quite afew years now but this time I have gone to a bit of trouble and tizzed it up abit.

And then of course I can never just make a couple - I always go crazy and now I have 30 of them to sell. But as everything in my life goes - something had to go wrong as always hehehe - how annoying I only had 29 gold bells hehe so one had to get a bright shiny green bell - can you find it in the photo.

And finally - a very rare medical condition to show you LOL this is officially called "double sided tape backing paper removers finger" haha my poor finger - i have removed so much backing paper from the double sided tape that the nail has lifted away from my finger hehehe I wonder if hubby will give me some sympathy for it. Any way have a happy day x joy
p.s. and i will get those fabric flowers up next - i promise

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keeping out of mischief

Hello and happy Wednesday to you - I hope your day has been a good one. I have had a lovely day crafting then Lunch with a good friend, then a spot more crafting followed by after noon tea with another good friend hehehe life is tough isn't it ( i hope hubby doesn't notice  the fact that housework  has not been done hehe). But I have been very busy these last few days and finally I have a little look for you. I had promised a blog of my fabric flowers but i have been carried away doing these handy little things.
Bev one of the lovely Ladies at our papercrafting group turned up last time with one of these and asked if I could make up a pattern. Well I was impressed - I had seen them before but not close up - so out with the ruler and pen and paper scribble scribble scribble and here we go. I had thought I would make a couple for our Gallery Sales Day's as we are always looking for mens gifts and as usual I got carried away and made 23 of them LOL.
Funny thing is every time I make another line of things for Gallery Day my dear Mum (who is still visiting) decides that she wants some - so I end up having to make more than I planned hehe. She wants 5 of these :)
Just in case the photos don't explain they are a little bottle hanger for a bottle of wine with a pocket to place a nice block of chocolate. I have made quite a few with the words "relax, indulge, unwind, enjoy" on them - which I think makes the gift of a bottle of wine just that little bit nicer.
Ok well I will be back with the promised flowers x joy