Sunday, November 11, 2012

More this and that

Hello and happy Sunday to you where ever you are in this wonderful world of ours.
I hope you are having a great day whatever you are doing.
I have achieved a lot today - getting some regular house work done, along with spring cleaning the kitchen cupboards, dinner already cooking away on the stove(hahaha - thats a joke in itself - see below for the full story), some study and some card making
all in one day!!!!!!!!
So I thought I would show you what I have done - well not everything - I'm sure you don't want to see what housework I have done (you probably have enough of your own) or my super, tidy, organised kitchen cupboards (I'm sure they only bring joy to me) anyway I will show you my card making. Firstly this is a Thank you card that I made for my lovely Maths lecturer last term. He is such a sweetie and helped me out when my brain didn't want to tick along nicely. I sent frantic emails on more than one occasion when I just couldn't work things out and I always got a phone call back within minutes of emails. How great is that. So of course I had to do a maths themed card - and this is what I came up with:
  Amazing what you can find on the Internet when you go looking, Cartesian plane, number lines and graph paper - perfect for a maths lecturer. Finished off with various sized star punches and dies and a sizzix die. I hope he likes it.
 And then I have started playing with my design for Christmas cards for this year. For anyone who knows me or comes visiting my house for Christmas knows:
 A. I LUV Christmas
B. knows that I collect JOY decorations - so how appropriate is it that I use my memory box bubble JOY die: 
 I have actually cased  this card from the lovely girls over at the Scrapbook Boutique Blog just changing it a little. I am into aqua this year as well - so thought I would do it in that. Although I ended up ordering 10 Tim Holtz Ranger Stonewashed paper by mistake so may end up doing it in that yet.
 And finally - look what I brought. I had nearly run out of all my colours of bling when I stumbled across these u-beaut giant sheets of bling at a cheapie cheap store (you know the ones with everything discounted). They are all joined together but I have been just cutting them apart with a scalpel. I have done a test for holding power and they seem very good and for only $3.99 (Australian dollars) whoopie whoop - how good is that!
Then I found these ones as well, which are smaller for $3 a sheet, in such pretty colours. Now I must give credit here to my lovely hubby because to tell you the truth - he actually found them. Stuck way down low where for some reason I never look - so Thank you honey buns.
And just to finish off - I will tell you a little funny about how dinner is on the stove already. I went rummaging around in the freezer last night looking for something for dinner tonight and I came across a leg of lamb (again if you know me - you know I don't like lamb) but I thought I would get it out and do a roast for dinner (I only eat the veges when lamb is on the menu - yukko). Anyway to my surprise this morning I discovered that what I thought was a leg of lamb - is in fact a ginormous bacon hock - hahahaha so consequently we are having pea and ham soup in summer for dinner. Oh well at least I don't have to smell that roast leg of lamb cooking in the oven.
Ok well I am off to see what else I can get up to today - I still have heaps more hours to get up to fun and mischief!!!
So talk soon
x joy

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Hello and a super happy Tuesday to you.
Melbourne Cup Tuesday here in Australia - the race that stops a nation - it is even a public holiday here in Blackall. But I have had the boys home from school so no partying for me. Although they have both deserted me and headed to the local pool with their friends to cool off (can't say I blame them - it is hot, hot, hot here today).
So I am having a catch up on all the household stuff today. I am ahead in my maths studies after discovering that my first module was not due until this Friday, but I submitted it bright and early this morning. I have pottered with the text books today but really it has been a slow lazy day.
I got myself all in a muddle yesterday with an equation that made me think, spent several hair pulling hours on it. Finally emailed my lecturer calling for help, walked away from the books for less than 5 minutes and the solution came to me hahahaha. Frantic email to cancel the help alert to my lecturer and sat down and did the working out. Just goes to show that sometimes a break is the best thing to do (I'll have to remember that - but once I get going I am like a dog with a bone hehehehe)
Anyway here are a couple of photos to share with you.
These first two are some more sets of cards that I made for Gallery Day here in Blackall. Each pack contains five cards.

 This bright colour pack was my favourite and I also made two gold packs as well.
Then these are some of the flower brooches that I made. These are very popular and I sold some on the day that I was making them even before I had them packaged up.
 A couple of close ups - but please excuse the photography - they are a little out of focus.

 And finally I thought I would share a Halloween photo with you. Our local council puts on a special Halloween day here for the kids - they provide lots of lollies for houses that nominate and then us adults take the kids around following a list. Very safe and lots and lots of fun.
I look a bit stunned in the photo cause poor hubby hasn't mastered the camera yet and I am busy telling him which button to press - hahaha.
We had so much fun - we giggled the whole night.
And can you believe this is my 10 year old Benji with me in the skeleton suit - look how much he is growing. Both my boys will soon be towering over me! They definitely didn't get their height from me.
 Ok well that is all for now.
 I am off to have a lovely catch up on all my favourite blogs after we were away in Rockhampton last week.
Keep smiling
talk soon
x joy