Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree lalala

Don't you just love Christmas - I sure do - it is the best time of the year. I have got my Christmas tree up and the inside of the house decorated (yes I am one of those crazy people who decorate the house inside and out) the outside is yet to be done as we have had soooo much rain (which we needed badly) so that will happen later. So I just thought I would pop up a photo of my Christmas Tree. I am a traditional Christmas girl and all of my tree decorations have sentimental meanings to me - I try and buy one decoration every time I go away or one every year. This year I had a heart shaped bauble made of my lovely pussy cat Sampson who died last year.

Oh no - you can't see the beautiful flashing lights - but they are there - trust me
I usually like to be organised at Christmas but not this year - I am so far behind it isn't funny so I had better not sit here too long as I have lots to do, lists to make, cards to finish, carols to be singing hehe yep thats me lalala x joy

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