Mini Hand Made Paper Flowers



This is how to make the little flowers that I have used in my mini wedding set. Each flower is made using 4 mini retro flowers and one green star shaped punch.

Once I have cut out all the shapes I then scrunch 2 of the retro flowers around the end of my embossing tool as well as the star shaped punch.

I then take one of the scrunched up flowers and with it squished up I put a dob of hot glue around the end and attach it into the inside of the other scrunched up one and squish it all together (being careful not to burn yourself).

I then put another blob of glue around the base of those two and stick it onto one of the flat flowers. Then it is time to squish it all together at the base again.

Now add another blob of glue and stick all three down onto the last flat flower and then squish together again.

Then stick all of the squished flowers into the star shaped punch. This is what it will look like at this stage.

Then you have to spread the petals back out, folding them back as you go around the flower. I like to leave a few petals curled in the middle of the flower but you can experiment to see what you like.

Then if you are silly like me you start to make lots of them.

This gives you an idea of their size.

I think they really look pretty.