Monday, October 22, 2012


So sorry it has taken me so long to post again.
I promised my lovely friend Paula that I would have this up last week but have been playing instead - Sorry Paula - but here I am - Finally!!!!! hehehehe
And I am not going to muck around yibber yabbing - I will just get into photo overload for you.
This is the first of a few sets of cards that I am making for our local gallery day here in town next month:
 I have made these cards in a rainbow of colours and then put them in sets.
 This just shows you the detail of them.
 Red and Black are one of my most popular selling cards - so I had to do a red and black set.

 And this is how I have packaged them up - in a hand made card and acetate box, trimmed with rafia.
I am now working on a Christmas Wishes set and I am hoping to get a flower wishes set and some gift tag sets done as well. As well as having made 52 of the handmade flowers that I made on my last card for hair clips (just need to mount them up with felt, add buttons and attach to clips). So no rest for the wicked. Work, work, work is what I will be doing this week before Uni starts again next week.
So on that note  - no time for yacking I'd better go and get cracking.
 Have a happy, happy day
talk soon
x joy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy news in Smithville

Hello and a hearty happy Wednesday to you
things are on a happy, happy note here in smithville
see my Uni Blog here for details
I am one happy little vegemite.
I am doing the happy dance!!!!!!
talk soon x joy

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Penny Black Saturday Challenge

Hello and a happy Saturday to you,
I am a super happy girl today because I get to play along with all the gang over at my favourite challenge site
It is ages since I have had enough time on my hands to actually play along.
I keep updated on all the gang and see all the latest entries but get a little envious that I can't play - but today I got to play and now I am going to enter this months challenge. This months theme is a sketch by Helen:
 And here is my contribution:
  I have used my lovely prize from last year Penny Black - Sweet thing stamp. Best creation, A walk in the garden paper (how gorgeous is it) some bazzill. One of my new tonic punches, and my C.C. Designs sentiment and tag die. Finished with some home made fabric flowers, buttons, ribbon and glitter from my stash. These are the little flowers that I make for little girls hair clips - so easy but oh so cute. And they take next to no time at all to make.

The inside view.
And here are some detail shots:

A close up of the flowers - all three took me under 15 mins to make.
How beautiful is this stamp!!!!!! 
And here is a close up of the C.C. design stamp and die - very cute indeed.
Ok well I am off to enter the challenge and then I am making myself spend time crafting instead of "Pinteresting" (see my last post) I am addicted to it and have heaps of things in my must do list.
I hope you have a great day - cause I sure am!!!!
 Talk soon
x joy

Who is to blame for this?

Hmmmmmm - I wonder??????
Miss Leah - I do believe that you are the culprit!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Play time results

Hello and a super happy Tuesday to you - I have been playing in the craft room - yippeee - oh I have had so much fun - no dead lines to meet - just relaxing fun -  ahhhhh it's glorious and to top it off this is only day 2 of my holiday.
But I haven't just sat and played by myself (that sound's terrible - but you will see what I mean) I have had some inspiration from the lovely Therese from over at Lost in Paper.  
I follow Therese on her lovely blog and she has inspired me to buy a chevron die from die namics after I saw this card she had created:
Isn't it just sooo lovely!!!!
I fell in love with it and thought what a great idea it would be to case this card and be able to use up all of those 6 x 6 paper pads that's I have floating around (believe me I have hundreds of them) so case it I did - I hope that is ok Therese. And here is my result:
As you know - I never copy any ones work completely just use the original for inspiration - but I just couldn't deviate too far from the original as I love it so much!!!!! I did change a few things - like working with a square card - as I prefer square (more room to play). And my little bee already had some of his flight path already stamped so I just added a few extra dashes.
Here's the inside view:
Then I also found this card Therese had :
Another gorgeous card!!!!
Again a great way to use up bits and bobs of card - so I had a go at this one as well - talk about a copy cat! This is my effort - but before you have a look be warned as my card contains
 butterfly overload
hehehehe - I got carried away and ended up with nothing like Therese's classy card. I don't do classy very well hehehehehe
There are butterflies everywhere - crikey - I think I like the original better. Anyway I had fun - and that's what counts. Here is the inside view:
 And detail:
So a huge big Thank you to Therese for the inspiration and I hope she doesn't mind me casing her gorgeous work - pop over to Lost in Paper and have a look at the fantastic cards she makes. The videos she does are great - whenever they arrive in my inbox - I save them for a special occasion when I have some spare time to sit and watch them carefully.
Stay tuned because I have some more stuff I would like to try in the next couple of days.
Have a lovely afternoon
talk soon
x joy

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jules fab candy

Just a quick post to show you a fabulous candy that Jules has up for grabs.
I have been admiring Jules bling on her cards for ages now and now we have the chance to win one -
Thank you so much for the chance to win Jules 
I have had loads of trouble uploading this image into my side bar so thought I would just shout it out from here.
Pop on over to Always with a heart here to have a look.

When is a fireman - not a fireman?

The answer it seems - according to Benji is when he is a pirate!
Confused - as to what the heck I am talking about - well let me tell you the story.
You see it is Benji's birthday today (my baby is 10 - where did those years go) anyway as life has been super duper uper busy lately - I only managed to get around to the task of making his card at around 9pm the night before - urgh why did I leave it so late - I was tired and desperately in need of my nice comfy bed. At this point I will add that Benji's cards have always been fireman themed as ever since he could talk - he has wanted to be a fireman (even though I still tell him that if he ever changes his mind that is ok - he can be whatever he wants to be when he grows up).

Ok so on with the story - I made what I thought was an ok kinda fireman themed card and got it written out and presents wrapped - and finally dropped into bed after 11pm (way past my bed time) only to be woken up at 'way too early o'clock' by an excited boy, ready to start his birthday celebrations. So I prop myself up in bed for the ceremony of opening presents and when he opens his card he says -" oh a firetruck and a pirate" thanks Mum - it's lovely"

'Huh?' I say - it's not a pirate - it's a fireman. But apparently I had a good try but the hat was all wrong. Let me show you
 Does that look like a pirate to you? I think it is an ok kinda fireman - but I guess from an experts point of view - maybe not. I am now thinking I need to buy myself one of those fancy cricut machines instead of using my good old itty bitty body from sizzix and just using my imagination (maybe I could present my case  to my dear hubby and see what he thinks - haha - I can imagine the answer - 'more craft stuff, but do you really need it?' - yep of course I neeeeeddddd it - why would I even think about buying something that I only actually wanted and didn't actually need. hehehehe
anyway this is the inside.
And here is the edited version with a proper helmet instead of a pirate hat - yes I couldn't not change it - so instead of my sleep in - I got up and remade the hat. (thank god he didn't comment on my hand drawn not straight shirt collar and button line - actually that was the thing that bugged me about the card hehehe).
So after that I ended up getting up and making him pancakes and then I invited around some little friends to help him cut the cake. As we have no family here in town - it always seems so boring
cutting cakes and singing happy birthday with just us four. So he ended up with four friends around to help him eat cake and play games with all afternoon. I sat out under the tree with them all and I had loads of fun - they ended  up playing for ages with surgical gloves filled with water - who would of thought that you could keep kids amused for hours with such a silly thing.

Anyway I am on holidays for a couple of weeks now from uni and I have every intention of having loads of fun playing in the craft room - I have really missed my play sessions. So I will have some blogging to do with all the goodies that I intend on making (I have a list of things that I want to make so there will be no procrastination from this little black duck).

So off I go to play in crafty heaven - see you soon
x joy