Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Am I all shopped out?

OOOOOhhhhhhh my goodness - what a day - I am exhausted! I started my day at 5am with the sun blaring into my hotel room after a sleepless, not in your own bed night, so up I got and got ready to hit the shops. And hit the shops I did. I shopped, shopped and shopped hehehe what a wonderful day - I managed to get some Christmas shopping done as well as a little me shopping sssshhhh don't tell Frankie, hehehe actually he knows because I discovered yesterday that my lovely favourite handbag had been giving way under all the strain of carrying not only all my junk but all my boys junk as well - I'm sure you know what I mean - the Mum could you carry this stuff. So this time I have brought a smaller bag that will only fit my stuff in - So boys if you are reading this hehe get your own bag!!!!

Then I got back to my hotel after 8hrs of shopping with my feet hurting and desperate for a diet coke and the lady at the desk said that they had been looking for me as I was supposed to check out at 10am today. OOOhhhh no! I did book for tonight as well but the lady forgot to book me in luckily I was not tossed out on the street but they could fit me in again tonight - phew.

So tomorrow I am off to my Doctors apps hmmmm not looking forward to that but then I hop on the train (after I lug my suitcase on a bus (not fun) and get to the train station)  and go and stay with my lovely niece and her gorgeous family until Saturday when Frankie will come and get me ( i hope) . I have more shopping planned on Thurs and Friday so maybe by then I will be all shopped out - however I doubt that - it's along time between shopping trips usually so I get my fix when I am in the big smoke. Ok  I will go and try and sleep now so I am all ready for another big day x joy

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Kerry said...

Poor Frankie!! He'd better get down there quick smart.