Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ahhhh lovin' our little holiday

Just a little bloggy update to let you know that I haven't drowned or been washed out to sea yet anyway (still 3 days to go) hehe. Having a wonderful time here in Yeppoon. We have rented a lovely little cottage that over looks great gardens and an even lovelier pool with only a 2 minute walk to the beach. We have spent so much time in the pool that someone (not pointing any fingers but she has red hair and super lily white skin) has got a lovely case of sun burn - I know I know -  I should know better but we have had sooo much fun playing that I forgot to keep the sunscreen up.

Today we went for a drive up to the Capricorn Caves - which was just so great - I would highly recommend it. At the end of the tour they give you an option of doing a little zigzag tour but warned it was not for people who are caustrophobic. Well my two little (but getting bigger everyday) boys jumped at the chance and lined up to be first and as hubby is still not 100% with his knee I figured I'd better go with them. Hmmmmmmm this is me who is caustrophobic - well I got brave for the boys sake and lined up as well. So in we went and I was fine for the first little bit but then my 9 year old (as in way shorter than me and about 30kg lighter than me) had to get down on his knee's to get through one bit and I had a moment of panic hehehe and what do I do when I am in a panic or nervous- yep you guessed it - I got the giggles hehehehe and then couldn't stop. Anyway long story cut short I giggled my way through the whole thing and then felt way proud of myself at the other end. Hubby ended up going through as well and as he is 6ft 2 and 90kg I really had no problem at all with me being 4ft nothing and a whole lot lighter - it was just something that was out of my comfort zone.

Anyway we are still here for 3 more days and still lots more adventures to go - remind me to tell you about our Macca's story - it is soooo funny hehehe.

 I would upload some of our great holiday snaps but guess who forgot to bring the cord to connect the camera to the pc - ahhhh that would be me - the same one who forgot to put more sunscreen on. Ok well I hope your day is as good as mine talk soon x joy

ps I even got to go to a Spotlight store today and they had 30% off everything sale whoooo hoooo hehehe just let me say I didn't walk out of the store with empty hands

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