Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another secret panel card

Just for the record in case you are wondering I do own more than just Magnolia stamps but lately I find myself reaching for my beloved Magnolia more and more. Hehehehe. I will try and use some others but for now here is another card made with . . . . . you guessed it another Magnolia. I hope you like it :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Get Well Card

This is a card that was inspired by Amy Wegener from Stampinstuff. I just loved these high hopes stampes as soon as I saw them but I wasn't sure if I would use them. Then I saw Amy's version on her blog ( and I just had to have a go. Isn't he just so cute!!!!!! I think he would look lovely in purple as well. Thank you for the inspiration Amy.

I have actually had a whole day to myself today (well 6 hours of it anyway) and I had planned to spend the whole time in my craft room but I have just looked at the clock and I now only have 2 hours left (boo hoo). I have unfortunately spent the day saying "oh I'll just get this job done then I'll go and get crafting" and you know how the story goes - one job leads to another job and now 4 hours have gone by. So off I go right now to get going. I wonder what I can come up with in 2 hours. hmmmmmm where will I start. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Secret Panel Card

This is a card that recently saw on my travels on the world wide web and I just had to have a go. I will put the credits up when I find it again lol (I often get lost on the www and who knows where I end up sometimes) anyway this will be one of our projects at this months papercrafting group - I love it and it is easy to do :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tissue paper flowers

These are my latest trial - some tissue paper flowers. I am very happy with them. I started off using white tissue then tried some floral pattern then some lacey gold - and i think all three have worked well.

I started by wrapping some lace around a brad, pushing the brad through the lace to secure it at intervals then I layered the small, medium and large flower shapes from my sizzix flower layers #9 die. Then it is just a matter of scrunching each shape seperately until all of the shapes are scrunched then you just unfold it all. I used about 7 or 8 layers of tissue paper for each flower.

Then I have had a go at adding different effects to a few to see what they looked like - I tried perfect pearl mists, kindy glitz, inked edges and using different sized shapes - all turned out lovely.

Wedding card with tissue paper flowers

This is a wedding card that I have made with the tissue paper flowers and of course one of my beloved magnolia stamps.

The inside view.

A close up of how soft these flowers look - they are so pretty.

Another wedding card made with different flowers

This is a card that I whipped up for our local show here last week. I had cards in my stash for every catagorie except the wedding one - so I threw together this one lol this also has handmade flowers but these are the ones I uploaded a while ago made with punches.