Thursday, December 29, 2011

I found Mr Mojo

Aahhhh thank goodness - I found him - I was starting to get worried hehe. But once you sit and start playing it all seems to come back to you. So this is what I came up with today's play (so far anyway). I finally got to have a play with my Stampin' up stuff that I ordered way back in November.

And this is a shot of my little helper . . . . . . isn't she sooo cute! Hubby was out the back doing some wood working and my little kittie (Sabrina) hates any loud noises so she usually comes and finds me and sits with me until the loud noise goes away. She even ended up distressing some card for me when it started moving and she pounced on it an promptly started chewing it hehe

She is really hard to photograph with her colouring, either she or the back ground usually end up blurred so I will have to practice a bit more. Anyway thanks for stopping by, have a great day x joy 

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