Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mini Wedding Set

Hello and happy Sunday, finally I can show you what I have been doing lately. I wanted to get it all finished before I blogged about it. It is a minature wedding set - and boy has it taken me ages to make hehehe my fingers are still numb from making a total of 157 minature roses (i have put how i made them up on my new tutorial page) all those flowers where made using 785 seperate punched shapes.

Next Saturday here in Blackall is the local flower show and I was asked to do a little display of handmade flowers to show everyone some of the things that we do at our local paper crafting days and this is what I came up with. I started off thinking about the ball and thought how nice they would look at a wedding so then the cake came to mind and then you can't have a wedding without a bouquet and being a card maker that I am - I couldn't not make a minature card as well.

To give you an idea of how big they are, I took this next image with a dew drop ink pad in the photo as well.

And here are some close ups for you.

The cake opens up at the top of each tier, it has 60 flowers and I have used a compact disc covered in paper for the cake board. It measures 5.75cms across the top tier and 8 cms across the bottom tier. And is a total of 9cm high to the tip of the top flower.
The ball has a total of 76 little flowers on it. It is actually the roller ball out of an under arm roll on deoderant (shhhhhhh don't tell any one - I did wash it well before using it) I have actually been collecting them for awhile now because they looked useful for something. Firstly I wrapped the hanging ribbon around the ball then starting at the top I attached the flowers one by one with  the hot glue gun. I started with 30 flowers made and soon realised it was not enough. It measures 5cms across the widest part.

This is a close up of  the mini bouquet it is 6.5cm from edge of the doiley to the other side.

This is the underside. I really tried hard to make it as realistic as possible.

 And finally the mini card - it measures 5.5cm x 5.5cm. I used a normal sized magnolia stamp  that I had coloured with watercolours and I then scanned it and shrunk it to the size I wanted. Hehehe I had sooooo much fun with this set - I hope you like it - Please leave a comment and tell me what you think :) x joy

Friday, August 26, 2011

13th Birthday Invitations

These are a few draft's of invitations that I have made to show someone who has asked me to make some for her daughters 13th birthday. The trick was to include something to do with horses and soccer along with the colour pink. I ended up on My Grafico and found a great set of digi stamps with these cute horse shoes and luckily in my stash I had these soccer ball brads although I only have 12 and we need 15 - so online I went again and found them at  the eyelet outlet ,so I am just waiting on them arriving. I am happy with the results - what do you think?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspired by A Scrap Journey

This is a card I have made after being inspired by Debby at A Scrapjourney. I have had this Penny Black stamp for ages but have only made a couple of cards with it. I love the little hedgehog but could never get him looking gorgeous on my cards but after seeing Debby's card I fell in love all over again. I have changed the card a little and decorated the inside. I actually coloured the image the same colour as Debby but then had trouble matching papers to it (now I know why I usually choose my papers first hehehe). I hope you like it. x joy

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tri-shutter Card

Yesterday I got an email from my lovely friend Kerry who had found a tutorial on how to make a tri-shutter card, so I just had to have a go and here is my end result. I have used a Woodland Folk stamp (ahhhhh so cute) and jelly brad, kaiser paper, Lily of the Valley sentiment stamp, spellbinders and martha stewart punch. Kerry is having a go at making one as well and we just sat and talked on the phone while we were making them (multi taskers that we are) so I wonder what she will come up with. Her blog is Country Madness and I made her promise to put it up when she is finished as she has been a very slack blogger of late - so you can be sure I will be checking up on her a little later.

This is the back view. I kept it fairly simple so the focus was on the front. I just added some little hearts in the bottom corner.

Using up the bits

Today I have three cards that I have made using up that pile of bits and pieces that I had cluttering up my desk. I am trying really hard not to make or use anything that isn't already sitting there waiting to be used. Isn't this woodland folk owl just adorable. The story with him is that I brought him from The Glitter pot in England (one of my favourite shops who ship internationally) and as soon as I got him - I had to have a go but I didn't have a project to use him on - so he sat on my desk keeping me company for weeks. He is a die and I love him. Just a simple card with ANOTHER tissue paper flower (i wonder if I will ever get sick of them) and some hearts. Actually looking at the photo's I might go back and add some stitching to this card to add a little texture.

This card uses my hand made tissue paper flowers, cuttlebug embossing folder, martha stewart punch, spellbinders and my marianne design butterfly. I guess it would be a nice wedding card. I had all these bits cut out from other projects and they all came together nicely.

Tissue paper flowers again!!!!!! I just love them and I seem to reach for them all the time. This one uses a soft pinky purple floral tissue which gives it a really lovely look. And of course a Lily of the Valley stamp which is also becoming one of my favourites at the moment. They are just so sweet. Again nearly everything here was in my overflow pile. I even had the stamp already stamped so just had to colour her in.

It's funny but even though I have used up all this stuff my pile doesn't seem to be getting smaller. Hmmmmmmm better go make more cards then.

Nothing flash on the inside of this one but I just can't seem to leave them plain anymore. It adds so much character to the completed card i think.

Monday, August 8, 2011

This will be interesting

This is the over flow stash that I talked about yesterday - I'm sure you all have little piles of stuff like this in your craft room. Well it will be no more once I get cracking - I have challenged myself to see how many projects I can complete while using up these two piles, one is of all the little bits and pieces that I end up with after making cards and the other is the three draw pile of bits and pieces of cardstock and paper left over from making stuff - so off I go - wish me luck, I will keep you posted on what I come up with :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Challenge for Myself

Ok today I have decided to challenge myself. After lugging all of my stuff up to papercrafting on Friday and then back today I have decided to have a BIG clean up. So my first little challenge is to make some projects using all of the little bits and pieced that I have in a pile on my desk. You know the sort of pile I mean - I'm sure that we all have one. You know when you are making something and you punch something out in the wrong colour or you try several different effects to see which is the best and you end up with a pile of little bits. Sometimes I am tempted to just throw it all out but then I feel guilty so over the next few days I am going to get rid of it by making things out of it - should be interesting.

My next BIGGER challenge is I am not allowed to use any new papers or cardstock until I have used up lots of my bits and pieces - you know all about those ones as well, I'm sure!!!!!!!! The bits and pieces of paper that you have left over from other projects. I read on one of the blogs i follow that one lady always makes three or four of the same card every time she makes one as she sells her cards at several different outlets - I think this is a good idea. Although I don't sell my cards at several outlets (only the markets) but if you made each one slightly different, I think it would be a good way of a) using up all the bits and pieces and b) it will increase my stock on hand for my market stall. I will up load some photo's of my little piles of stuff tomorrow - it is now time to go feed the troups so better go and be a good wife and Mum :)

Lots to post today

This is a card that I have had done for awhile now, I made it with one of my lovely stamps that I purchased from Sue Nelson from one of my favourite sites to visit Heart Prints - as my crafting buddies know - I love Penny Black stamps and I brought this one second hand from Sue and it arrived in imaculate condition. Check out her site it is just lovely, my other favourite blogs these days are Scrap Bitz with Suzanne Dean, who is such a talented card maker and then I also love Buttons for Brains with Elizabeth. I am offically a blog stalker - usually I check my emails and then I head to my three favourites to see what they have been up to :)

These cards where inspired by Card Maker magazine. I have made afew of these now and I think they look really nice.

Isn't she a cutie - I love this stamp, it is a Lily of the Valley stamp and oooohhhh sooooo cute. I had fun creating this one.

Well here we go - I am going to catch up with my blogging that I have missed over the last few weeks. The last two days have been wonderful - spent papercrafting with all of my papercraft buddies here in Blackall. I have had a ball, I hope everyone else had as much fun as me. I mananged to get three cards done in the two days - maybe I was guilty of talking too much - maybe??????? hehehehehehe maybe that is an understatement lol anyway here are the few cards i made in between talking and giggling :)

Some more of my new Lily of the Valley stamps - I have so many favourites that it is hard to choose. This little pussy cat is made on an acetate base which I think adds a nice touch.

These are the inside view - I have to get the hang of which order to up load into my head again - it's been so long since i blogged i must have forgotten.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Back and in full swing again

Well it's been awhile but here I am back and into action again. I have got about 10 projects on the go all at once at the moment but one by one I will get to them and finish them off and upload them. I still have a couple of cards to upload from before I went away so I will do that soon but for now this is a card that I had to whip up in a super fast hurry.

I realised on Friday lunch time that I didn't have a card made for Ashley who was turning 13 on Sat. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH. We were just about to get into the car to take him over to Longreach over night for a birthday dinner and shopping trip. I wasn't feeling well with a nasty sinus infection but it had to be done, so into the craft room I headed and with paper and card flying in all directions, I whipped this up. I am really happy with the end result. Maybe I should work under pressure more often.

This is my first good attempt at machine sewing on my cards - but I think I have mastered it now after discovering my machine was playing up. I think it really adds some nice detail to cards. I think I might look into one of those little machines as it takes so much effort to drag out my big machine just to run around the edge of a card. I have no room to set it up full time - or maybe I could just take over another room in the house hehehehe I'm sure that would go down nicely with hubby hahaha speaking of hubby his knee is doing just fine - still a bit sore but he is doing great :)