Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gallery Day Pics

Hiya, Just thought I would put up a few of the Gallery Day photos for you to see. For those of you that don't live here - Gallery Day is our local Cultural Association's big fundraiser for the year where we all sell our wares for Christmas. It is on this Friday night and Saturday - so we haven't finished setting up yet and we still have more stock to arrive but this gives you the idea.

Everything is handmade and there are some really beautiful things arriving. We have so much fun setting it up, lots of giggling and carry on. By this time on Friday the room will be full of all sorts of goodies to buy for Christmas. Then we open the doors at 5.30pm for the sales to begin. Friday night is a lovely night to come as you can enjoy a glass of wine and finger food. I may not be back this week with a post as I am sure I will be a little busy but I will be coming around to check up on everyone else's blogs - how could i miss my blog stalking.
 Just booked a little 5 day get away for next week to Yeppoon which I am soooo looking forward to, Hubby is working all of Christmas (that's the fun of being married to a Paramedic) so we won't be able to get away then and with all our Dr's appt this year it will be nice to get away without having to run around Dr's. Just sitting and relaxing by the pool and maybe a wine or two ahhhhh 

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