Friday, October 28, 2011

A new twist on an old favourite

Hello and welcome to Friday - it's a hot one here today again, so nothing much else to do but sit in the craft room and craft in front of the fan (haha i wish - don't look at the ironing pile or the washing pile or the badly needing a vacume carpet). Well actually I am having to sit in the craft room as our Gallery Day is only one week away now so it is all systems go. We are starting the big set up on Sunday morning so ideally I would like everything that I am doing to be finished. So here is another of my little bits - I have made Reindeer Food for quite afew years now but this time I have gone to a bit of trouble and tizzed it up abit.

And then of course I can never just make a couple - I always go crazy and now I have 30 of them to sell. But as everything in my life goes - something had to go wrong as always hehehe - how annoying I only had 29 gold bells hehe so one had to get a bright shiny green bell - can you find it in the photo.

And finally - a very rare medical condition to show you LOL this is officially called "double sided tape backing paper removers finger" haha my poor finger - i have removed so much backing paper from the double sided tape that the nail has lifted away from my finger hehehe I wonder if hubby will give me some sympathy for it. Any way have a happy day x joy
p.s. and i will get those fabric flowers up next - i promise

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Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

These are fab, I did some magic reindeer food for my niece last year and she absolutely loved it, she got so excited about it all, it was fab
Lindsay xx