Saturday, December 17, 2011

What I love about Christmas

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH I got the last of my official duties over with last night - we had our twilight markets last night which was a huge success. But now I can relax and start to enjoy Christmas (although I do still have to write out my Christmas cards and send away some parcels on Monday - with fingers crossed that they arrive on time). So to get me in the mood I am going to remind myself of all the things I love about Christmas - hehehe you may need to get comfy cause this little duck loves Christmas.

I love Christmas trees and lights, lots of flashing lights, I love driving around looking at Christmas lights, snowflakes - I love snowflakes and snowmen (not that we would ever get real ones here - but I have lots of cute ones) baubles lots of baubles and beautiful special ornaments. Ohhhh and then there is Christmas food - I just love christmas food hmmmmmm baked ham, turkey, brussell sprouts (yes you read right - i love them mmm cooked in honey) baked potatoes, my Mums stuffing balls, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, fruit mince tarts, rum balls, apricot balls, homemade fudge and truffles, homemade sausage rolls, pfefferneuse - oh yum, gingerbread houses - ohhhh my goodness my tastebuds are drooling!!!!!! I had better get my cooking shopping list done today. I love to relax with family and friends - non of this rush rush rush stuff over Christmas for me anymore.  The smiles on my kids faces on Christmas morning but also the excitement on Christmas eve when they go to bed (and get up again about 50 times cause they are too excited to sleep) The last minute wrapping - I even enjoy that, then waiting for Santa to be able to do his duties - sneaking, sneaking, sneaking hehehe sooo much fun. Christmas day breakfast pancakes and fried ham followed by crazy unwrapping of presents then sorting all the ripped wrapping paper from in between presents and then sitting back looking at all the lovely presents. OOOhhh I can go on, can't I - and I could go on cause I love it all hehehe Ok well now I am well and truly in the mood to enjoy the holiday season - bring it on Santa - I am ready,  waiting and giggling away - ohhhh and singing - I love Christmas carols and...... and.......... and...........

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