Friday, February 21, 2014

Back again

Hello and a happy Friday to you
it is a lovely wet Friday here in Blackall after receiving some much needed rain.
Today is officially my last day of term break with term 1 starting on Monday morning.
I haven't done nearly as much card making as I would of liked to but hey ho that's life isn't it.

I have been so busy catching up on house hold chores along with some parenting duties. But also to top it off I am moving the house around again and swapping my youngest son's bedroom with the craft room.
Oh lordy lord why did I decide to do that - Blahhhh
Who knew that there was soooo much stuff in the craft room and that is after the clean out I had when I repainted. But anyway I am half way through the move and will continue to potter along. Although Benji is still not 100% sure that he likes his  'new' room, so I am going slowly at the moment just in case he decides he wants to go back.
(I hope not - that's for sure)
Anyway here are my cards that I have made recently:
This one was for hubby's birthday
I brought this die last year and was itching to use it
I saw a similar card using a different die with the love heart placement on  the map on Pinterest
 In real life the three love hearts are straight but for some reason they look wonky here
 Hubby loved the message inside - he liked the idea of all ways (tut tut - typical man)
I hadn't even though of that
 Then this is another version of a card that I found on Pinterest - I love Pinterest - so much inspiration 
and I just print out the cards that I really love to use as inspiration - it is great
I was buying hundreds of card making magazines but when I realized how much money I was spending I swapped to using Pinterest as my source of inspiration.
But I always remember my golden rule and never, ever copy anyone's work completely - I only use theirs as inspiration
 Inside view
 And finally my favorite card for the moment- inspired by Pinterest
using one of my Rubber Stamp Tapestry sets that I brought from The Glitter Pot ages ago.
I love how the card turned out. I used my circle cutters to make the wreath and used my cricut to cut out the shape. I probably would of left the calico ribbon a little longer on the tails of the bow if I made something similar again.
Inside view - I think it might be the colours that I really love.

Ok well that is it for me I am going to go and think about dinner for the Smith family.
I hate having to think about what is for dinner every day - I wish the boys would just tell me what they would like - I'm sure that would be easier. I am craving a big fat salad sandwich but I can't see my burly boys wanting that. Maybe I will just make steak and salad for them and then I can have my salad sandwich.
Have a happy day
talk soon
x joy