Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keeping out of mischief

Hello and happy Wednesday to you - I hope your day has been a good one. I have had a lovely day crafting then Lunch with a good friend, then a spot more crafting followed by after noon tea with another good friend hehehe life is tough isn't it ( i hope hubby doesn't notice  the fact that housework  has not been done hehe). But I have been very busy these last few days and finally I have a little look for you. I had promised a blog of my fabric flowers but i have been carried away doing these handy little things.
Bev one of the lovely Ladies at our papercrafting group turned up last time with one of these and asked if I could make up a pattern. Well I was impressed - I had seen them before but not close up - so out with the ruler and pen and paper scribble scribble scribble and here we go. I had thought I would make a couple for our Gallery Sales Day's as we are always looking for mens gifts and as usual I got carried away and made 23 of them LOL.
Funny thing is every time I make another line of things for Gallery Day my dear Mum (who is still visiting) decides that she wants some - so I end up having to make more than I planned hehe. She wants 5 of these :)
Just in case the photos don't explain they are a little bottle hanger for a bottle of wine with a pocket to place a nice block of chocolate. I have made quite a few with the words "relax, indulge, unwind, enjoy" on them - which I think makes the gift of a bottle of wine just that little bit nicer.
Ok well I will be back with the promised flowers x joy

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