Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why has it been so quiet?

Because I have been chasing my dreams .........
And I did it !!!!

A Bachelor of Psychological Science with distinction is mine !!

Still more study to go - I am now completing an honours year and will then pursue either a masters program or provisional supervision (which ever I am lucky enough to get accepted into). Slow and steady is my motto - everything takes time but anything is possible - if I can do this then anyone can. My whole life has changed as a result of study and I am super excited for the future ahead.

I still make cards - only much more rarely now - but I do treasure my card days when I am able to have them - usually about 3 times per year with just a couple of very close and dear friends. I am currently on a four month break from Uni and have been undertaking my Christmas card project for this year. Here are the cards I made on a card day last week

I still catch up with all of my blog buddies sites often, just don't post my own contributions much. And I spend way too much time on Pinterest - but a girl has to have some vices ;)