Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finally some Fabric Flowers

Here we are finally with some fabric flowers - I know I have been promising them for awhile but I wanted to wait until I had them finished before I blogged about them. These are the little guys that I have made into lovely little hair clips for girls that will be for sale at our Gallery Day next week. Less than one week to go and the big set up starts tomorrow morning at 8.30am. I am still nowhere near finished with all my goodies that I will have for sale but this lot means another lot down on the check list. Anyway no point moaning I just had better pull my big knickers up and get on with it (as the lovely Kath from Kath's Blog...Diary of an everyday crafter would say).

And of course I think you know me by now and know that I couldn't just make one or two - no Siree - I made 40 (which really means 80 - cause there are two in each pack) of the little buggars well actually I made way more than 40 - but my Mum has taken afew for my lovely great nieces. Ok well I'd better got this up and get back to the list again. x joy

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