Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Baby turns 9

oh dear - I am feeling very sad, my baby is growing up. I so wish that I could turn back the clock and enjoy him and his brother as babies just a little bit more. Where has the time gone??????? One minute they where tiny crying babies and the next they are turning 13 and 9. Benji had some friends around yesterday for a birthday afternoon tea and we all had so much fun. All four boys played pirates for hours on end. It was soooo lovely - not one mention of electronic games or any sign of bickering at all. They have continued the fun today by all meeting up today and getting right back into the game again. And now three of the four are having a sleep over and are lying back chillin' with a movie.

No card making going on today - apart from being a little exhausted, I had my market stall down town today and had a really good day. I had made a few cards yesterday while the boys where at school and I didn't get around to photographing them and guess what - they all sold today hehehe. So that was a missed blogging opportunity but anyway I will share a photo from yesterday of my baby and his prized birthday presents. Benji has always been fireman and fire engine mad (since he was a wee little thing) he has every type of fire truck that you could imagine. But nothing like this little beauty . . . . . .

 He is so happy with it. It even shoots out water!!!! He liked all of his presents he tells me but this one is "so Cool". Can you see my puppy hiding his face up in the top left of the photo - he must be camera shy hehehe how cute hehehe any way have a good day x joy

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Paula said...

Hi Joy

I know what you mean about babies growing up too fast, my baby is 6 months old already. But very cute photo, Joy. I hope Benji had a wonderful birthday and I love the pose for the camera from your puppy!

From Paula