Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wet wet wet

Hello and welcome to another soggy, soggy day in Smithville - it hasn't really stopped raining and now our river is beginning to go into flood mode - Oh goody. Anyway it hasn't stopped me from crafting - what better way to spend a wet, rainy day. Well I had to go in the craft room today as it is His Royal Hubbiness' birthday today - and guess who hadn't already made him a card hehehe - that would be me.

So while checking emails today I came across this great little card tutorial from Split Coast Stampers - hehe perfect for My darling hubby - so I got cracking and whipped up a little card. But I ended up not really liking it - so I went down the shop and brought one. How naughty is that!!!!! but anyway I made sure I got a really nice card that I can get some inspiration from for future use.

Ok so here is my attempt at the Split Coast Stampers card

 Front View

 Back View

And here is the brought card - courtesy of Hallmark

I know, I know - very naughty but when you are not happy - you are just not happy! So I hope he likes it! OK well I am off to go start building an Ark
talk soon
x joy

p.s  I was just cooking dinner (domestic godess that I am) and I thought that I had better add a note that I like the card design just not they way I have decorated it. Thank you SPlit Coast Stampers for the pattern. Thank you Sue for your lovely comments x joy

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sue w. said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, It's lovely. It's nice to do something different.If I have done something I'm not so keen on I embellish it with all sorts to cover it up although I must adnit to throwing the occasional one away and how bad is that!
Hugs Sue W.