Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh my Goodness - I won a challenge over at Penny Black Saturday

I am one happy girl!!!!! For those of you that read my blog you will know that I am currently sitting by myself in my motel room 1000km away from home after undergoing surgery yesterday. I was feeling sore, sad and sorry for myself. That was until I hopped on to check out who won this weeks challenge over at Penny Black Saturday - OMG it's me hehehe I was giggling with excitement. With no one to tell so I madly text messaged my Hubby and even he (he who doesn't get excited, always calm Frankie hehe) got excited for me :) so now I am still very sore but a happy, happy girl. Thank you to all the girls at Penny Black Saturday for making my day, week, year oooooohhhhhh how exciting hehehe talk soon
x joy

1 comment:

Jules said...

Hi Joy

Well done on your Penny Black Saturday win.

I see you have a lovely blinkie at the top of your blog now. I haven't seen one of those before! It looks great!

I haven't been doing much blog visiting as things are very busy on the wedding front .. .. .but not feel guilty that you have been to hospital without me knowing and without me wishing you all the best.

What a scary time for you.

I hope all has gone well. Take care and look after yourself.

Love Jules xx