Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blackall in Flood

Hello I have made it back but not to post any cards. We have had major flooding here in Blackall and spent the whole of yesterday trying to keep the water at bay at our friends house. Remember the two extra little people that I said we had staying for the ,well their parents where away and their house nearly went under - the water was lapping their front steps and we had to get everything up out of their kitchen and laundry as the water was only 10cm away from entering. It was a very scary day as we had to wade through waist high flood water to get to their house then had to run around switching electricity off as pumps and airconditioners went under along with rather large brown snakes swimming in the water.

It was a big day to say the least but their house faired well compared to others. Houses and businesses where flooded. So no card making for me. Just thought I would pop of photo of the front of my Hubby's work on. This is the front doors of the Ambulance Station looking down into the main area of town out over the bridge. Frank ended up being at the Ambulance station till very late last night watching the waters rise but luckily they only came to the front doors.

You can see the high water mark just next to the Ambulance doors and the brick on the driveway was another markers used two hours before the peak. Just a lot of yucky dirt to clean here. The water is slowly dropping but it is still inundating the town. I fly out tomorrow so will miss the smell and mossies that flooding always causes.
Ok well I won't see you all for at least a week now, so be good.
x joy

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angelic crafter said...

Joy, so happy to hear you are safe and well...we have had a lot of rain too....a month ago I was praying for rain as it was so look at it. Take care and stay safe XOX Tania