Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Back (for now)

Hello there and happy Wednesday to you. So sorry that I  have not been around for awhile but I have been off having some surgery which knocked me around abit - I wasn't expecting it to go quite the way it has however I am starting to feel better now. Although I have to go back again next week for another round (so not looking forward to that).

It had been my intention to not mention my health here on my little card making blog but talking to people I am amazed at just how many of us women suffer (usally in silence) from similar problems to me. After giving birth to my first son 13 years ago I suffered a major tear (from front to back) and was not surgically repaired then with the added stress to my body of giving birth to my 2nd son I have been left with major damage that affects each and everyday of my life. After years of problems I have finally found Doctors who are able to help. Last December I was finally told the extent of the damage and what the outcome would be  - scary stuff. I have no muscle tone between front and back passages and the symptoms that I suffer now will only get worse until my insides will fall away and come out. Oh the joys. So this is why I am going backwards and forwards to Brisbane (1000kms away) for surgery. Last week I had a trial Sacrel Nerve Stimulator attached in my spine to help increase muscle control (the nerves for the affected area are in the spine). I have a box the size of a pack of cards sitting on my hip that is attached through my skin, this in itself has been fun - I am unable to shower for 14 days. Oh what fun that is - I am a bit of a clean freak and this has not been easy. I am also not allowed to bend, twist, lift or do anything that may pull on the wires attached into the spine. Even sitting is uncomfortable.  Anyway next week I am off again to have a permenent device attached under the skin. Yahooo then it will be long shower time :) 

So not much card making happening here although I thought I would share with you what I did while I was away last week. I took some stamping away with me along with some cutout images that I received free on the front of magazines and was able to sit and relax by colouring in the images. I really enjoyed it and it kept my mind busy. So hopefully I can have a play and make these into cards very soon. I intend to take more with me next week along with my watercolour pencils.

Ok well you have a fun day.
I am off to go sticky beaking at all my favourite blogs.
talk soon
x joy

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Paula said...

Hi Joy

I am so glad you are feeling a tiny bit better. All the best for next week, if I don't see you before you go again. I am thinking of you always.

From Paula
PS. I love your colouring!