Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hello and Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums

Ahhhhh life here in Smithville is still study, study, study but I am having this morning off to spend with my boys. They have promised to do lots of jobs for me today but I think they have lost interest now surprise surprise!!!!!!
I thought I would share my cards and pressie (I didn't want much cause I brought my video camera a few weeks ago and that is what I wanted)
  The card at the back says - to the Greatest Mum from the ones who love you, admire you, respect you. . .  Exhaust you. hahaha that is from my 13 year old and it is really a laugh cause only yesterday he threw a hissy fit cause I wouldn't let him do something and believe me he didn't love, admire and respect me then hehehe but he sure did exhaust me!!!!! Still gotta love him! (at least he went to some effort hehehe)
 Then this is the card that Benji made for me - how lovely is it!!!!!! He had even layered the balloons and butterflies - job well done - I think!
This is the inside view - just lovely!

Ok well I am off to go have a diet coke before I start on the conclusion for my essay (the reason I haven't been card making). Hopefully I will be able to get cracking on cards soon as this is week 11 of my first 12 week term yippee nearly finished - but I must say I am still loving every minute of it!

Before I go a big wave to everyone who visits and leaves comments  - I love getting comments

Ok well have a great day
talk soon
x joy 


Barcoo77 said...

Thanks for sharing Joy, and I hope you are having a lovely day.

Paula said...

Hi Joy

Very nice card Benji! Hope all is well with you, Joy. See you Thursday.

From Paula

Molecraft said...

Benji did a brilliant job, a future crafter in the making!
Helen x

Jennifer said...

The cards are lovely, Joy...I am sure you will treasure them forever.

Good luck with the essay!

Jennifer. x