Monday, October 8, 2012

When is a fireman - not a fireman?

The answer it seems - according to Benji is when he is a pirate!
Confused - as to what the heck I am talking about - well let me tell you the story.
You see it is Benji's birthday today (my baby is 10 - where did those years go) anyway as life has been super duper uper busy lately - I only managed to get around to the task of making his card at around 9pm the night before - urgh why did I leave it so late - I was tired and desperately in need of my nice comfy bed. At this point I will add that Benji's cards have always been fireman themed as ever since he could talk - he has wanted to be a fireman (even though I still tell him that if he ever changes his mind that is ok - he can be whatever he wants to be when he grows up).

Ok so on with the story - I made what I thought was an ok kinda fireman themed card and got it written out and presents wrapped - and finally dropped into bed after 11pm (way past my bed time) only to be woken up at 'way too early o'clock' by an excited boy, ready to start his birthday celebrations. So I prop myself up in bed for the ceremony of opening presents and when he opens his card he says -" oh a firetruck and a pirate" thanks Mum - it's lovely"

'Huh?' I say - it's not a pirate - it's a fireman. But apparently I had a good try but the hat was all wrong. Let me show you
 Does that look like a pirate to you? I think it is an ok kinda fireman - but I guess from an experts point of view - maybe not. I am now thinking I need to buy myself one of those fancy cricut machines instead of using my good old itty bitty body from sizzix and just using my imagination (maybe I could present my case  to my dear hubby and see what he thinks - haha - I can imagine the answer - 'more craft stuff, but do you really need it?' - yep of course I neeeeeddddd it - why would I even think about buying something that I only actually wanted and didn't actually need. hehehehe
anyway this is the inside.
And here is the edited version with a proper helmet instead of a pirate hat - yes I couldn't not change it - so instead of my sleep in - I got up and remade the hat. (thank god he didn't comment on my hand drawn not straight shirt collar and button line - actually that was the thing that bugged me about the card hehehe).
So after that I ended up getting up and making him pancakes and then I invited around some little friends to help him cut the cake. As we have no family here in town - it always seems so boring
cutting cakes and singing happy birthday with just us four. So he ended up with four friends around to help him eat cake and play games with all afternoon. I sat out under the tree with them all and I had loads of fun - they ended  up playing for ages with surgical gloves filled with water - who would of thought that you could keep kids amused for hours with such a silly thing.

Anyway I am on holidays for a couple of weeks now from uni and I have every intention of having loads of fun playing in the craft room - I have really missed my play sessions. So I will have some blogging to do with all the goodies that I intend on making (I have a list of things that I want to make so there will be no procrastination from this little black duck).

So off I go to play in crafty heaven - see you soon
x joy

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