Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Play time results

Hello and a super happy Tuesday to you - I have been playing in the craft room - yippeee - oh I have had so much fun - no dead lines to meet - just relaxing fun -  ahhhhh it's glorious and to top it off this is only day 2 of my holiday.
But I haven't just sat and played by myself (that sound's terrible - but you will see what I mean) I have had some inspiration from the lovely Therese from over at Lost in Paper.  
I follow Therese on her lovely blog and she has inspired me to buy a chevron die from die namics after I saw this card she had created:
Isn't it just sooo lovely!!!!
I fell in love with it and thought what a great idea it would be to case this card and be able to use up all of those 6 x 6 paper pads that's I have floating around (believe me I have hundreds of them) so case it I did - I hope that is ok Therese. And here is my result:
As you know - I never copy any ones work completely just use the original for inspiration - but I just couldn't deviate too far from the original as I love it so much!!!!! I did change a few things - like working with a square card - as I prefer square (more room to play). And my little bee already had some of his flight path already stamped so I just added a few extra dashes.
Here's the inside view:
Then I also found this card Therese had :
Another gorgeous card!!!!
Again a great way to use up bits and bobs of card - so I had a go at this one as well - talk about a copy cat! This is my effort - but before you have a look be warned as my card contains
 butterfly overload
hehehehe - I got carried away and ended up with nothing like Therese's classy card. I don't do classy very well hehehehehe
There are butterflies everywhere - crikey - I think I like the original better. Anyway I had fun - and that's what counts. Here is the inside view:
 And detail:
So a huge big Thank you to Therese for the inspiration and I hope she doesn't mind me casing her gorgeous work - pop over to Lost in Paper and have a look at the fantastic cards she makes. The videos she does are great - whenever they arrive in my inbox - I save them for a special occasion when I have some spare time to sit and watch them carefully.
Stay tuned because I have some more stuff I would like to try in the next couple of days.
Have a lovely afternoon
talk soon
x joy

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Anonymous said...

Two fabulous cards, love all the butterflies!
Helen x