Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Belated Easter

Hello and Happy Belated Easter to you all. I hope the Easter Bunny came to your house - he sure did here and we are all having chocolate overload hehehe but that is half the fun of Easter isn't it. We made Easter Baskets here on Saturday morning because last year the Easter Bunny had to put the eggs into the laundry basket, as it was all he could find. We down loaded some patterns from My Scrap Chick here and then Benji hopped to it and started the construction.
Here is the end results:

They turned out really cute - and the Easter Bunny must of liked them cause he filled them up to over flowing. Ashley thought he was too old to make Easter Baskets so the Easter Bunny left his eggs in a mixing bowl!

Anyway on a sad note - we had to have our 20 year old pussy cat Shiraz put to sleep on Saturday afternoon. It is very sad - she was going ok but went down hill really quickly. She was constantly hungry and then on Friday she lost control of her bowels and bladder. Our closest vet is 2 hours drive away and he wasn't coming over for another 2 months, nor did we think Shiraz would of coped with the drive so we called upon our local Dept of Primary Industries who were just so lovely. She is in a happy place now - buried with my other beloved pussy cat Sampson and my puppy Major. I thought I would share some photos of Shiraz when she was a bit younger - this is how I want to remember her:

She has always been a fiesty cat but she had no fight left in her on Saturday - she didn't even get upset when we put her in her cat carrier. I miss her and so does my other pussy cat Sabrina - she keeps looking for her everywhere - it is very sad.

Ok well that's it for me today - I am off to get some sleep - I have had a big study day today and my body and brain are not too good now!
talk soon
x joy


Anonymous said...

Love your easter baskets but so sorry to hear about your cat, you must be devastated!
Helen x

Liz, said...

Your Easter baskets are really cool. Sorry about your little cat, I know how you feel,

Liz x

Barcoo77 said...

Hi Joy, the baskets turned out great...and Benji looks very pleased with himself, so sorry to hear about your cat.
Love your cards and enjoy following your blog

Wilma x