Monday, February 4, 2013

What was I thinking??????

Hello and a super happy Monday to you,
Oh what a lovely day, the boys are at school ( the big one is at work)
and I have the house all to myself.
OOOOhhhhhh how lovely!!!!
I have the house work all up to date.
The bathrooms are a shining, the floors are all vacuumed and mopped, the kitchen is a sparkling, the washing is a hanging and I am a smiling.
And I popped myself into the craft room and played.
Hehehehehe and I don't feel one little bit naughty!!!!!
Now just in case you are wondering what my title is all about today - I will fill you in.
Have you ever had one of those - Oh my goodness - what was I thinking moments?
Well I had one today - hehehehehehe.
You see I needed a card for my lovely Maths lecturer to say Thank you.
 Well somewhere in the middle of the night I had a brain wave to use my Stamin' Up 'perfectly preserved' set and to make a jar full of maths symbols.
What a great idea - only when I went to the computer I realised I needed my Microsoft publisher to do my computer magic. And it is on my broken down computer - Urgh!
Plan B - go look google images for a maths symbol image. Found it, just the right one - not a free one - no siree, that would of been too easy. I found one that I had to purchase Hahahaha and not any old one at that. It was just over 10 pound British - not too bad I tell myself at this point. The image is just perfect so I go for it. Print it out make the card then check my credit card account = YIKES!!!!!!
It was $16.09 Australian hahahahahaha and I will probably only use it once -
 so hence
 THE WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I guess I should stop here and show you the card I made:
 It is the jar of symbols sitting on a Cartesian plane. I am happy with it - but is it worth over $16 - hmmmmmmm I know what hubby's answer would be hehehehehe

The inside view - I had to get my monies worth with the maths symbols so I printed them in a line to get this strip. Finished with another stampin' up stamp and some star punches.
I do believe that is must be my most expensive(needed for one card) and silliest craft purchase yet!!!
So please make me feel better and pop me a comment and tell my your silliest craft purchase so I will feel a little better.
Well I might go see what else I can achieve for the day - hopefully no more super dumb online purchases hehehehehe
Ok talk soon
x joy

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debby4000 said...

Oh what a fabulous brilliant card.