Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tied to the study desk and not the crafty desk

Hello and a happy Saturday to you,
Can you believe it is half way through January already?
BLAH where is all this time going - Please slow down Mr Time - either that or add a couple of extra hours to each day so that I can get everything done that I need to (or want to in the case of the crafty makes).
I have not been into the craft room for over a month now - not at all - how sad is that!!!!!
And I am missing it - I need Mr Balance to make an appearance again don't I.
I'm afraid that my maths studies have been keeping me way too busy at the moment.
I have two assessments due in the next few weeks with one of them my end of course, closed book,
 3 hour test and hihodeho has that got me stressing!!!!!!!
However I have got some light at the end of the tunnel as this is my last course of my STEPS program then I have about 3 weeks off before I start my undergrad program
I can't wait for either hehehe
I am ready for a break
and I can't wait to actually get my teeth into my chosen field of study - Psychology - I know I know some would say that is a little strange for a crazy women to be studying Psychology
but maybe I will have some helpful insight as to how the mind of a crazy person works hehehehehe
But I also have a light at the end of the tunnel for the crafty room as well.
I have a plan to be very naughty and steal a day all to myself and to share it with little my crafty room.
You see it is my birthday on Monday - the big 45 (ooohhhhh that sounds so scary in itself - I'm sure I am really only 21 aren't I? Did someone fast forward the calenders - yes that must be it - and really I am only 21 - that sounds much better!!!!!) so my birthday present to myself is to craft my little heart away all day - hehehehe how good does that sound!
I feel naughty just thinking about it but I am going to enjoy every second. And I will have to do it as you will now be eagerly awaiting my birthday makes won't you hehehehe.
Ok well have a great weekend
make sure you enjoy what ever you are doing
'cause remember that
 every day that drifts on by is a day you will never get back again
so enjoy each second!!!!
talk soon
x joy


Jules said...

Hi Joy

Gosh you sound one busy lady!!!

I am so impressed with all you manage to cram into your life .. .. and in your shoes I know I would be a nervous wreck at the thought of a 3 hour test ahead of me that relied on my brain!!!

I was bad enough in the lead up to my driving test .. .. yet funnily enough my school/college exams never worried me in the slightest. Must be an age thing!!

I bet your psychology studies will be amazing. I love pondering human behaviour, thoughts, actions etc. We are strange creatures LOL!!

No wonder you are looking forward to your birthday craft day treat. I hope you have a special day. 21 at 45 sounds good to me. I am way younger on the inside than I am on the outside LOL!!

You shouldn't feel guilty .. .. this is a way of recharging your batteries. We all need a bit of "me" time!

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Looking forward to seeing some of your Monday makes.

Love Jules xx

Jules said...