Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Australia Day

As always a hearty happy Hello to you,
thank you for stopping by to my little corner of the wonderful world wide web.
I hope that you are having a great day, whatever you are doing and where ever you may be.
The weather has gone wild again with my blogging friends from all over the world reporting crazy happenings from super cold snowy days to super hot heatwaves. It seems hotter than normal and colder than normal. And now Queensland is once again being battered by flooding rains and driving wind. At this stage we are only suffering from windy overcast days - so hopefully it stays that way. Although we have had no Internet since yesterday morning because the lines have been down and we have not been able to get deliveries of a few things due to roads being cut towards the coast. But these things are nothing compared to what people close to the coast have been experiencing - some times its good to live 700kms inland.   
Last week we had a rather nasty storm blow through and ended up taking down a couple of our trees - luckily they didn't damage fences or the house. But it was a good days work for my three strong boys to clean them away.

 This one damaged the structure of the tree so the whole thing had to go - otherwise it would not of lasted very long and the chances of it falling on hubby's shed was just too high.
Then here is what else we have been up to - sanding walls ready for repainting. Notice the cover sheets that I placed everywhere after hubby's mess making episode in my last post.
 Lots of repairs to be covered - these repairs are from the old evaporative airconditioning ducts that where through the main lounge.
 And finally a look at my birthday crafty day makes. Using some of my new stamps from stampin' up. Although I brought them last year - so they are not really new but this is the first time I have used them. The inspiration for these came from the stampin' up catalogue.

 The papers are bazzill and some bits and pieces from my stash pile.
I did make another card but it is for a friends birthday and I know she pops on by here every now and then to check in and it would be rude if she saw her card on here before I give it to her. So you will have to wait to see that one.
By the way Thank you for all my birthday wishes - I had a super happy day - very relaxing and then hubby took me to dinner that night. It was so nice. Since then I have been right back into study mode. With my first of my big tests submitted on line yesterday, now I am studying like mad for my last one for this term on Thursday morning.
Just before I go - I never thought that I would need to address this but something has come to my attention that needs to be said. Whenever I case or use inspiration from somewhere other than my  own  brain - I and most crafters give credit where credit is due. I love getting ideas from my lovely blogging buddies and I love telling you where I got the inspiration from - I love to share the amazing talent that is in the crafty world. And as most of you know with being so busy lately that my mojo is not 100 % so I do case some of my cards.  I try never to copy something completely because I don't think that that is fair. If ever I copy work too closely - I always  message the artist and ask if it is ok, then give credit to them in my post.
But someone has not only been copying my work exactly but selling it as their own creations and design. This makes me sad - not for me cause I am happy with my work, but sad that someone has to copy and pass it off as their own. I'm sure that if you can make a card - then somewhere inside is some creative energy to come up with your own designs. I never thought I was good enough to be copied but I guess I am flattered that someone thought enough of my work to copy it exactly - but give credit where credit is due please.
Ok well I am off now to go organise lunch.
Have a great day.
Talk soon
x joy  

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Jules said...

Hi Joy

What a very busy time you are having at the moment .. . yet again!!!

All that "work in action" on top of your studies.

I am so pleased you got your craft day. You certainly put it to good use. I love the cards you made .. .. especially the first one.

Sorry to read that someone is passing your work off a their own. That is very sad :-( but you have addressed it well.

Hope you have a good week.

Love Jules xx