Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spring has sprung in Smithville

Hello and a happy Sunday and welcome to spring.
Ahhhh warmer days - here we come, although as I write this my little fingers are only just thawing out as it is a tad chilly again today.
Well it has been a busy week here again in Smithville, with family duties, study, some glorious gardening and some brand new goodies arriving to play with. Anyway I have coped with it all nicely and thought I would show you what I have been up to.


These are my new little toys from stampin' up that arrived on Friday afternoon. They are all being retired and were must haves on my wish list - so I just had to get them (actually the tiney tiney sentiment set isn't being retired but I just had to have it  hehehehe)
This is the mess I made with all the putting together you have to do with stampin' up but it is soooo worth it - I love my new stamps!!!!!!

Now this is a little card I made last weekend and never got around to posting it. I had a play with some magnolia papers and image (watercoloured). Along with sizzix  and cherry lynn design dies. The flower is made using flower layers #9

The inside view.
And then I just had to show you these pics from my garden.
Yesterday I was feeling a little off with  being run down and this darn facial rash (which I might add is very sore) along with an abscess deciding to take up residence under a tooth. So feeling sore and sorry for myself I decided to go sit in the sun for a spell - and look what were showing their cheery smiling heads - how could you net feel happy with these lovelies looking at you!!!!!

They are my gazanias and my lovely 'champion garden owner' friend Lynette  (therefore an expert hehehehe) assures me she has never seen such big ones (yes she was talking about my flowers and not my boobs hehehehe opps sorry that was naughty) she reckons I must be feeding them steroids. Actually they don't look that big in the photo but they are about 12cms across.

And my daisies. Benji counted 114 flowers on the bush the other day - although I think I need to dead head it now looking here as I can see a few dead ones.

Even Mr Bee liked my gazanias - can you see him busy at work?
And finally
It is Fathers day here is Australia today.
And Master Benji wanted to make a card for Dad.
This is what he made - notice the new stampin' up happy family stamps (Dad is a paramedic). All I did was tie the string on the balloons everything else was his own work.

Pretty clever for a nine year old I think.
Ok well that is it for me today. I am trying to get this house organised for Frankie and the local cabinet maker to do some renovating this week - oh I can't wait. They are hitting the computer/ironing room with floor to ceiling cupboards - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!  
I am going to try and have a play with the new stamps though - so stay tuned.
Have a great rest of the weekend.
Talk soon
x joy


Paula said...

Hi Joy

I hope you are enjoying your new toys, I am. Your card is beautiful. I love the colours, it just makes it. Benji your card is very cute. I ended up buying the family set off ebay because I really wanted it and I had already ordered the other stamps when I decided I should buy it. Well I had better go I am on my way to Barcaldine to take Lachie to the dentist. Talk to you soon.

From Paula

Jennifer said...

LOVE your pink card, Joy.

Those gazanias and daisies are such happy, summery flowers, aren't they.

Tell Benji he did a brilliant job with that card for his Dad.

You call that a MESS - you t'aint seen my craft room!

Jennifer. x
P.S. thank you for your kind comments.