Sunday, August 19, 2012

Told you I'd be back

Hello and a happy Sunday to you
It has been a lovely relaxing day here in Smithville, starting with a spot of gardening on this glorious day and ending up with a play in the craft room.
I didn't end up coming back and crafting yesterday as I ended up with a better offer from Hubby and the boys who had decided they wanted to go to the local bull ride. Well actually Hubby was working and wanted to go and offer some support to the other ambulance officer here (just in case) and the boys just wanted to go. So off we all trundled and had a ball and to top it off nicely no one was injured which is even better. It still didn't stop it from being scary though - those cowboys are crazy!!!! You should of seen the size of some of the bulls OMG!!!!!

Anyway I have had a play today instead - and finally got to use some of my new stash.
Here is what I made:
 This card was inspired by the lovely Helen over at molecraft, pop on over and have a look, she made a beautiful card with this flourish and I just had to have a go. I have had this flourish for ages but have never just used it as the center piece - only ever using it as the background. Thank you Helen!!!! I love it like this.
 The inside view - very plain and simple. Using my new tonic punches and my i-rock for some bling.
 And this little number was using my new hero arts stamp set that I have wanted for ages. Very simple but effective I think.
 Here's a close up of the type writer which I have layered.
 And finally I have had a play with my new Martha Stewart clay and molds - I think I am going to like these!!!!
A close up of the detail.

Ok well I had better go - I am hoping to get a diet coke and a sit down with Hubby in, before I have to tackle this evenings dinner. Actually as I write that I think I can hear hubby starting the chop chop chop of the vege's. So there goes that plan hehehe.
Ok talk soon
x joy


Paula said...

Hi Joy,

Love the cards! The typewriter looks great with the layered effect. I just love the Martha Stewart clay molds are gorgeous. I have never seen them before. I can't wait to have a look at them.

From Paula

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, welcome back! Love your cards, particularly the pink and green one - great use of the flourish! The one you made for your son's 14th if fab too.

Jennifer. x