Sunday, August 14, 2011

Using up the bits

Today I have three cards that I have made using up that pile of bits and pieces that I had cluttering up my desk. I am trying really hard not to make or use anything that isn't already sitting there waiting to be used. Isn't this woodland folk owl just adorable. The story with him is that I brought him from The Glitter pot in England (one of my favourite shops who ship internationally) and as soon as I got him - I had to have a go but I didn't have a project to use him on - so he sat on my desk keeping me company for weeks. He is a die and I love him. Just a simple card with ANOTHER tissue paper flower (i wonder if I will ever get sick of them) and some hearts. Actually looking at the photo's I might go back and add some stitching to this card to add a little texture.

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