Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Challenge for Myself

Ok today I have decided to challenge myself. After lugging all of my stuff up to papercrafting on Friday and then back today I have decided to have a BIG clean up. So my first little challenge is to make some projects using all of the little bits and pieced that I have in a pile on my desk. You know the sort of pile I mean - I'm sure that we all have one. You know when you are making something and you punch something out in the wrong colour or you try several different effects to see which is the best and you end up with a pile of little bits. Sometimes I am tempted to just throw it all out but then I feel guilty so over the next few days I am going to get rid of it by making things out of it - should be interesting.

My next BIGGER challenge is I am not allowed to use any new papers or cardstock until I have used up lots of my bits and pieces - you know all about those ones as well, I'm sure!!!!!!!! The bits and pieces of paper that you have left over from other projects. I read on one of the blogs i follow that one lady always makes three or four of the same card every time she makes one as she sells her cards at several different outlets - I think this is a good idea. Although I don't sell my cards at several outlets (only the markets) but if you made each one slightly different, I think it would be a good way of a) using up all the bits and pieces and b) it will increase my stock on hand for my market stall. I will up load some photo's of my little piles of stuff tomorrow - it is now time to go feed the troups so better go and be a good wife and Mum :)

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