Monday, June 6, 2011

No Card making going on at the moment

All things are very quiet as far as card making at the moment. My darling husband has just had knee replacement surgery last Monday and both of us underestimated just how hard his recovery would be. The surgery went very well but having your knee cut out and and replaced with a shiny new titanium one has really been tough on him. We are still in Brisbane - 1000kms away from home and staying at Hubby's brothers place for now until he is well enough to travel. The closest thing to card making that I am doing at the moment is reading my Card Maker magazine in between my nursing duties.

Usually a trip to Brissy means I get to hit the craft shops but this time I have not even gone near one :( - I really don't need any more stuff hehe


Kerry said...
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Kerry said...

Wishing Frankie all the best. Hope his recovery is still progressing smoothly.
Shall call soon