Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Back

And finally into the card making.

Hubby is 4 weeks post surgery today and is slowly getting better although has been hit by a nice dose of vertigo today poor thing. The last four weeks have been busy indeed. We had to stay in Brisbane for a week before he was able to travel then we did the 1000km journey over three days as he was in so much pain. Then when we got home we realised that we weren't set up for invalid's hehehe. Our shower is set into a spa bath which is quite high off of the ground so I have had to help him into and out of the shower as well as doing regular physio sessions with him. Along with the mowing and all the housework (obviously hubby does more around the house than I thought hehehe)I haven't had much time to play. Until yesterday. . . . . .

So here is my little dose of relaxation that I had yesterday and today - ahhhhh the heaven of just sitting and playing in my little craft room. Listening to the kiddoes playing outside with their friends. Ahhhh just me and the paper and ribbon and glitter and stamps and and and. . . . . . . . . .

oh what fun I had.


Lea said...

I am so glad you got a chance for some you
time . I hope Frank is healing well and that he is soon back at work and out of your hair :)
I love you card, all of your cards that you put on here are just amazing.

Franjopani said...

Thanks Lea - I saw your photo's of your stunning daughter the other day - they grow up so fast don't they - she looked gorgeous.
Frankie is doing better every day so will be running around in no time hepefully and out of my hair hehehe I won't know what to do with myself then haha