Friday, December 7, 2012

A Christmas Snowflake or Star

Hello and a super happy Friday to you all,
It is a super happy Friday here in Smithville because I have finally caught up with my studies and have spent a very relaxing day with my lovely friend Leah catching up sitting out under the tree's at our lovely Daisy's cottage.
What a nice way to spend the day, then home to sit in the air conditioning - ahhh bliss!
Anyway as I said I have caught up with my studies so have had some spare time (in between house work hehehe) to have a little play. I should of been making Christmas cards but when I saw these little beauties over on Jim 'the gentleman crafter's' blog - I just had to have a go.
Jim called them snowflakes but I think they could be either snowflakes or star's. And just for the record if my memory serves me correct - I think snowflakes are 5 sided - aren't they?
I don't really know for sure because I have never (in my memory) seen snow :( - one day I will though!!!!!!!!!!!

How pretty are they - and oh so easy!!!!!
I ended up whipping up a couple. Firstly one out of plain old copier paper just to see how they went. It came out huge and will look great hanging from my high ceilings. Then I made two of these silver ones with the rosette centres ( one for Leah and  one for Benji's teacher). Pop on over to Jim's blog and see how we made them. He has a great tutorial video showing you step by step. I think they will be  a great project to do with the kids while they are on school holidays. Jim made them with 6 sides but I couldn't get them to sit right with 6 so I did 8. Anyway however many sides they have - they look soooo pretty.
Ok well I am off to go make myself a batch of my Mum's fruit mince ready for my pie making next week. OOOOOOhhhhhhh did I tell you how much I love Christmas? Yummy food, pretty decorations and sooooo much fun.
Ok talk soon
x joy


Jennifer said...

Your decorations are so pretty, Joy...I have never seen any like them.

Jennifer. x

Paula said...

Hi Joy

They are very beautiful and I love the rosette in the centre. Have fun making all your christmas treats. I hope both you and your mum are feeling better.

From Paula