Sunday, June 17, 2012

surgery went well

Hello and happy Sunday to you, just a little update to let you know that my surgery on Friday went well and they let me out of hospital earlier than expected yippee!!!!! Feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself - thank goodness my darling Hubby Frankie has come down to Brissy to look after me. I can not sit down at all hehehe my tushie is just tooo sore - I can only lie. But I am sure that I will be all ok very soon. Thank you so much for all of your lovely texts, phone calls and messages. 
take it easy
 talk soon
 x joy


Paula said...

Hi Joy

I am so glad that everything went well. I thought about you all day on Friday and again over the weekend. I don't know your mobile number or I could have rang you to see how you were but now I know. I will visit you when you get home and are up to visitor's. Tell Benji, Emerson missed him over the weekend and said it is lonely because Benji hasn't phoned. I won $80.00 at Bingo on Thursday night, so I was very happy. Anyway take care of yourself and I can't wait to you are home and a little bit better.

From Paula

sue w. said...

Hi Joy, glad everything went well. Make the most of being looked after, take care hun.
Hugs Sue W.

Anonymous said...

So pleased you are doing well, thinking of you!
Helen x