Friday, January 27, 2012

SSSSHHHHHH I'm supposed to be doing housework

Hehehe I have snuck away from the laundry and the kitchen and escaped to the craft room. Don't tell anyone hehehe although I think after being married to me for 16 years Hubby might know what I am up to. He knows where to find me when I am MIA. Anyway I am not actually playing I am just blogging - and I have to, cause I promised I would yesterday, so here I am.

This is a little suitcase that I made after seeing Jim over at The Gentleman Crafter making one. And as an added bonus Jim even had the pattern and instructions to follow. Whooo Hooo Thank you Jim - you saved me hours, cause usally when I see something cute like this I have to faff around and make my own pattern. Make sure you go and have a look at Jim's blog (click on his link above) - amazing to say the least! My hubby reckons that if he can't nail gun it or use a saw on it, he isn't touching it - but Jim is living proof that men do make wonderful papercrafters! 

Anyway here is my little suitcase:

It is the perfect size to pop gift cards into, but I won't be giving mine away. Just another little something to keep. I added corners to mine as I have an old suitcase here (a big one) and it has corners so I thought that it would add a nice touch.

Ok well I really need to go and pop a couple of paracetamol  (I have been saying that for hours but I don't like taking them) cause I have a headache - I think it must be the heat and not drinking enough water.
Ok talk soon
x joy

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