Saturday, February 19, 2011

Magnolia Pirate Card

OOOOHHHHHH how exciting, my new magnolia stamps arrived in the mail today from Deb's Creations and I couldn't wait to have a little play. Hubby got called out on a job so off to the craft room I went - three hours later Hubby arrived home and out I emerged from a room and desk that was covered in mess - ohhhh what fun I had. Masking, colouring and playing. It was so nice to make a card just for just the fun of it. I am really happy with it.
This is the inside view.


Cakes By Susen said...

That is so cute ! love your work Joy! They are so much nicer than store bought cards thats for sure and so much more personal :)

Cakes By Susen said...

Think your cat is hungry lol it keeps meowing at me but i dont have anything to give the poor thing :P

Franjopani said...

Thanks Susen, I have so much fun making them!!!!
And how cute is my pussy cat, she looks just like my Sabrina so just had to put her on my blog :)